ESG Consulting Services
for Investors

As a multi-disciplinary team with significant capital markets experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer expert advice on all aspects of ESG, responsible investment (RI) and sustainable finance, including climate change.

We assist institutional investors and other capital market participants to incorporate ESG by:

Developing RI strategy that adds value to the existing investment approach

We help investors to make sense of the RI landscape and to choose, incorporate, implement, and report on their preferred RI approaches – including ESG integration, thematic and impact investing, stewardship and more.

Addressing the systemic implications of climate change for portfolios

We help investors to explore climate-related risks and opportunities, incorporate climate considerations to their RI approaches, establish portfolio carbon metrics and targets, and undertake TCFD reporting.

Implementing an effective RI program and enhancing it over the long term

We help investors to stay on top of RI standards and expectations, implement and continuously improve their RI program, and prepare for the annual PRI Assessment – consider us as your external ESG Team.

Who We Work With

We work across the capital markets and finance ecosystem, including:

  • Asset owners
    • Pension funds
    • Foundations and endowments
    • Insurers
  • Asset managers
    • Listed equity
    • Fixed income
    • Venture capital
    • Private equity
    • Private debt
    • Real estate, infrastructure and farmland
  • Wealth management
  • Investment associations
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Crown corporations

What We Can Do For You

Responsible Investment

We will help you develop, enhance, and implement your ESG/RI strategy, including policy, ESG integration, stewardship, monitoring and reporting, to align with best practice standards and better meet the expectations of your investors, clients or beneficiaries.

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Education & Capacity Building

We help you make sense of the ever-evolving landscape of climate change and ESG research, trends, and regulations.

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Benchmarking & Investor Analysis

We help you understand how your current ESG practices and disclosure compare to peers and best practice. We help companies understand their investors’ ESG priorities.

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Research & Ratings Analysis

We help companies understand how ESG research and ratings influence the capital markets and how investors typically use ESG ratings during the investment process.

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Materiality Assessment

We identify ESG factors with the greatest potential to impact the value of your company over the short and long term to focus resources on highest impact areas.

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Scenario Analysis & Target Setting

We conduct climate-related scenario analysis and help you develop realistic climate-related targets.

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Strategy Development

We develop entity-wide ESG and climate change strategies that are linked to business strategy and focused on material ESG and climate change factors with the potential to impact value.

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Reporting & Disclosure

We can help with all areas of your ESG and climate change reporting to investors and other stakeholders, including aligning disclosure with the SASB Standards and the recommendations of the TCFD.

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