Dustyn Lanz, Senior Advisor with ESG Global Advisors Inc., was interviewed by BNN Bloomberg for the article, “What the battle for Teck says about mining, ESG and the clean energy transition”. An excerpt is provided below, and the full article is available here.

Dustyn Lanz, a senior adviser with ESG Global Advisors, said he sees Teck’s proposal as a “meaningful transition strategy” that bets on coal production coming to an eventual end, and uses steelmaking coal profits in the meantime to build up the metals business.

Mining has become crucial as the world transitions from fossil fuels to a “mineral-powered economy,” he said, and that shift has presented new opportunities for miners when it comes to appealing ESG investors.

“Some mining companies probably see that as an opportunity to set a new narrative around mining because historically, the narrative around mining has been kind of negative in environmental circles,” he said.

Read the full article here via BNN Bloomberg.