Sarah Keyes, CEO of ESG Global Advisors Inc., was interviewed by MoneySense for the article, “An investor’s guide to ESG reporting in Canada.”  An excerpt is provided below, and the full article is available here.

“The challenge is that there haven’t been any universal global mandatory standards for companies or investors in relation to ESG,” says Sarah Keyes, chief executive officer of ESG Global Advisors in Toronto. “Yet given the desire for this information, we’ve seen a lot of voluntary reporting under way by both [large-scale] investors and companies.”

That said, even though companies might not technically have to report things like their greenhouse gas emissions or how much they pollute the planet, they may be under pressure to do so. “Companies are sort of being voluntold to do this,” Nash says. “They know if they don’t do it, it’s going to be harder to attract capital.”

Read the full article here via MoneySense.