Scenario Analysis & Target Setting

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Climate Change Scenario
Analysis and Target Setting

A comprehensive climate-related scenario analysis allows you to anticipate and plan for the most plausible future scenarios.

We will provide a detailed climate-related scenario analysis and help you develop realistic climate-related targets, including setting interim GHG emissions reduction targets and net-zero GHG emissions targets.

What We Can Do For You

We enable our clients to understand company- and industry-specific risks related to climate, which will help you develop a smart and well thought out climate-change strategy and set ambitious but achievable targets.

Our Services Include:

  • Benchmarking peers’ climate-related targets to inform target-setting activities
  • Articulating the objective(s) of conducting climate change scenario analysis
  • Identifying relevant climate change scenarios to use in scenario analysis and key assumptions to be explored in different scenarios


“ESG Global Advisors supported us in taking our ESG Report to the next level by enhancing our investor-focused disclosure using the SASB Standards and TCFD recommendations. Their deep knowledge of the Canadian energy sector and subject matter expertise in climate change added strategic value to our annual reporting. The team is responsive and flexible to our unique needs and circumstances – client satisfaction and high quality work are their top priorities.”

Agata Nowak

Senior Sustainability Advisor, MEG Energy Corporation