Companies/Board of Directors
Assessment of overall approach and disclosure of material ESG issues
  • The investor perspective on ESG – what it is and why it matters

  • Company-specific key risks and opportunities relating to material ESG issues

  • The role of the board in understanding and overseeing management of ESG-related risks and opportunities

  • Reviewing existing ESG-related disclosure and recommendations for improvement

  • Evolving investor expectations, priorities, actions and campaigns

  • TCFD and company-specific approach to climate-related risk, opportunity and disclosure

  • Identifying and remediating any governance-specific issues

  • Benchmarking to national and international industry peers

  • The evolving regulatory environment in relevant markets

  • The role and approach of ESG-focused research providers

  • Proactive engagement strategies to address existing and potential investor issues

  • Input and advice on management and shareholder proposals

  • Proactive strategy and training for director/senior management communication with institutional investors on ESG issues


Ongoing education and support

  • Existing and ongoing institutional investor concerns, including global trends and priorities

  • Regulatory developments and emerging best practices

  • Preparing for ongoing shareholder engagement and responding to any specific shareholder concerns/issues/proposals

  • Strategies for directors and senior management to address ESG issues in ongoing investor meetings and roadshows

  • Developing and maintaining constructive and positive relationships with the institutional investor community